September Bride.

I give you a bride married on 12th September 1992, who knew absolutely nothing about flowers and allowed her mother to make the necessary arrangements regarding finding a florist (as was the case in those days). Who at 25 years old, was as eager as any other blushing bride-to-be to walk down the aisle and have the most amazing day ever and yet at the same time, was just as excited about going on her safari honeymoon (she loves an adventure).

This bride designed her dress based on one which she tried on in Liberty, which her mother sketched an outline of into her diary. She then took this sketch to her dress maker where they tweaked it to make it her own. This bride had the train on her beautiful silk gown embroidered with her husbands family crest, it got holed up in customs in transit back from being hand embroidered in India and she had all but the final fitting with her backside exposed!

This bride met her husband at school aged 17, they fell in love and he went to London to study medicine, she followed his path and trained as a nurse. He proposed on the anniversary six years after they first met. She, blushing, told him to get up off his knee as the whole restaurant was applauding and she was embarrassed!

This bride has always loved autumn. She loves the colours, the temperatures,the misty mornings and the romance of the changing season.
She chose peaches and creams with palest yellows for her colours and the flowers included roses, freesias, orchids, gypsophila et al. She wore a flower crown (although back then we called them a coronet) and carried a shower bouquet.
On her wedding day this bride for once in her life, felt utterly beautiful, never before or since has she bathed in such a glorious glow of knowing beauty (not being a showy kind of lass).
Twenty two years on the flowers this bride now makes for her wedding clients are often not dis-similar to those she carried herself.
Twenty two years on she remains in love with that same boy where at the altar she beamed the broadest smile at him and whispered excitedly in the words of Bill and Ted "Excellent!"
Twenty two years on and a lifetime of adventures under her belt, she still has that silk dress in her attic and a rose preserved from her bouquet.

Although the laughter lines on her face are many, she bears some fading resemblance to the woman she once was twenty two years ago.

Some things come and go but flowers it seems come back in fashion and as for the love? Well, let's just say the love remains constant and true after all these years.