Wreath Workshops: Christmas starts here.

Above: Four wreaths all made by participants at a WHFCo wreath workshop. None have had any florisrty experience. 

What started as a PTA fundraiser ten or so years ago for my Children's primary school, is now the mainstay of December here at The White Horse Flower Company.

All wreath workshops open to the general public are kindly organised through friends and organisations and have a fundraising element to them. They are charity centrered because I wanted to give something back at Christmas for good causes.

I also run lots of private workshops where groups of friends or colleagues (minimum of 10 participants) come together - either at home in a big roomy kitchen, a lofty barn, dining room, village hall or even an office work space. They invite me to bring my kit and caboodle and run a wreath workshop. These usually book up a year in advance such is their popularity, they are a delightful way to start the festive preparations with freinds. At £48 per person they are identical to the charity workshops and include everything including the use of scissors! I run evening and daytime sessions. Just add mulled wine, friends and the ubiquitous Christmas carol C.D and Christmas will officiallly begin with a beautiful wreath on your door!

Please email me if you are interested in booking and for availability. 

I teach on foam based wreaths because they are, in my opinion, by far the easiest and offer the most creativity for those new to wreath making. Add to this the fact I teach classes early in December (before the schools break up) and I need to be sure your beautiful wreath and all its fresh foliage stays as fresh and hydrated until the New Year. I also find this method to be desirable in avoiding all the discomfort and angst of excessive wiring, sore thumbs and any restrictions on choice of foliages and decorations. It also means a huge variation of wreaths - no two are ever the same! 

Here are the dates and contact details if you fancy trying your hand with me this year, they really are great fun and I guarantee your neighbours may well have a touch of wreath envy, (unless of course they have come to one of my other classes)! 

Sheepdrove Eco Centre Lambourn 

27th November  6.30pm includes supper November £70

Monday 7th December  10.30am includes lunch £70


Tuesday 1st December

10.30am includes lunch £60

6.30pm includes light supper/snack £60

Wednesday 2nd December 

10am includes lunch 

2.30pm includes afternoon snack 

Contact: bchaffer@btinternet.com or sarah@thearrowsmith.com 

Thursday 3rd December 

Honesty Workshop Ecchinswell

Thursday 3rd December FULL

Tuesday 8th December 10am  POA

contact jill@arbers.co.uk 

You've no time to come to a workshop but would love a White Horse Flower Company festive door wreath anyhow? I'd love to make you a wreath which you can collect from my workshop. They come in three sizes and in any colour or style you fancy, why not give me a call and place an order. Price range £45, £55 and £65