Autumn review: Stop, reflect, move forward.


I feel like it’s been an absolute age since I last blogged. The workshop has literally been buzzing from February through to September when I finally downed tools and left the country. 

I have come to the conclusion that I must be some sort of crazy workaholic florist! Combine this with a burning desire to be all things to everyone - the best florist, the best mother and wife,  it is no exaggeration to say I was virtually on my knees by the time I touched down in Morocco three weeks ago. 

However it took just four days and twelve accumulated hours of yoga to quell the inertia. I waved off my yogi girlfriends at the airport carousel and waited excitedly for my husband to arrive and whisk me away to the Balearics for our 'proper' holiday. I can’t tell you how marvellous that was. You might think that after thirty one year’s things could get a tad jaded - not so. Now that our boys are 'waaaay' too cool and grown up to be seen holidaying with the parentals, we are back to being just the two of us AKA Darby and Joan and we are revelling in this new phase of our lives! 

It's funny, but all it took was two weeks and I feel refreshed and renewed. 

So here I am once more ready to face the next phase of  the year, in autumn which technically began before I went away, this 'term' runs non-stop straight into the Christmas season for me. 

After a year of vacillating I am beginning to make headway and really push forward with my website. It dawned on me annoyingly slowly that I am not 'this' sort of florist or 'that' kind of florist but just different things to different people. I think of myself as a florist for all seasons. A chameleon, changing, evolving, always moving forward to accommodate new ideas by those who employ me. I have spent far too long focussing on the colour of a font when what really matters are the flowers - using them to interpret a mood or an occasion. Be it a table-scape, a farewell tribute or a bouquet the bride holds as she glides down the aisle. I can make all these things in any shape, colour or style, my flowers can shout loud or whisper quietly.

Why on earth have I felt the need to focus on the portal in which images of my work can be displayed?

So, having said all that, my new website will be a simplified affair, a space that allows the images of my work (collated over fifteen plus years) to do all the talking. I shall simply punctuate these images with words which express my philosophy as a florist.  The way I see it, it's not actually about 'me', it's about the people I work with; I am merely transcribing their emotions and wishes through the medium of flowers. 

With this in mind, I'd like to leave you a little taste of my work captured by friend and colleage Neale James who's wife Sam (bless her), kindly sifted through a mountain of images of weddings we've worked on together just this year. How I am going to limit the number of photos is another story entirley! 

Feel free to keep in touch via my Instagram and Face Book posts, autumn is proving to be just as vibrant and as beautiful as before I went away with another dozen weddings still to come and all sorts of other floral-ising besides.

Linz x