Lovely Laura, she came to me a year ago, with her mum to my home; a bride who knew exactly what she wanted. Measured, exacting, precise. I ascertained her flowers were low on the list of wedding details.
I am very familiar with this bridal profile after so many years as a wedding florist, I get it, flowers are not everyone's "thing" and I respect that, it's no big deal, we are who we are.
I on the other hand knew exactly what she wanted, or should I rephrase, "required", so after a lovely first meeting Laura booked me and that dear reader was that. And because of all of the above and consequently what is written in the letter below, Laura's words are worth their weight in gold to me. Whether my customers love flowers is irrelevant, doing your best for the most beautiful day in a couple's life, regardless of whether they 'get it' or not, is what I do.
Except I don't just 'do' them. No. You see I prefer to do them with bells and whistles! Because if a job's worth doing, do it well.

Dear Laura, thank you from the bottom of my heart, the pleasure was all mine.

Review from Laura Templeman- Wasing Park Friday 20th Feb 2015.


I have to confess I have never been a massive fan of flowers…..Well that is until I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey, she spoke about flowers with such passion and knew them inside and out, I loved her style and vision from our very first meeting.

Not knowing anything about flowers I decided to give Lindsey free rein just explaining our colours, what she produced on the day for us was totally amazing and she made me see why she loves flowers and what they can truly bring to the day, from bringing the room alive, finishing off the bridesmaids looks, making the whole setting smell divine and as for my bouquet well one word….PERFECT.

Thank you so much for letting me see flowers through your eyes

Laura x