Bank Holiday weddings, there four of them.

I've been a busy bee this week, all three men are home from school, uni and work. One's revising for AS levels the other two are on DIY duty. It's been a hive of activity round here all weekend. I've narrowly escaped being enlisted for shed building jobs but I've found refuge in my work room.
I digress. 
Four weddings, two on Maundy Thursday, one purple the other spring neutrals. The purple I've already blogged, my other Thursday wedding and yesterday's Easter wedding, plus a glimpse of tomorrow's heavenly ingredients I attach photos of. Im really happy with what Ive produced I must say.

Anemones en masse.

Ranunculus - big floaty clouds of them

Rachel's Easter bouquet

Karen and her maid's bouquet ready for delivery

Close up of karens Maundy Thursday nude bouquet

Simple ceremony vase arrangement

Seven maids waiting in a row