Out of the blue.

Jen married Pete in January just gone; there are several things I will forever recall about this couple and their day. Firstly (holds head in shame), I called Pete 'Ben' in an email, and secondly Jen was a houseman (a newly qualified doctor) during the time we worked together. I hope Pete forgave me when he saw the buttonholes I made for him and his groomsmen that day. Mostly I recall being impressed at how Jen managed to arrange hers and Pete's wedding in between the onerous first year of working on the wards. I speak about this as the wife of a medic, I recall those early years when my husband appeared both sleep deprived and adrenalin fuelled in equal measure, add a wedding into the mix and I think you'll agree this lady deserves an medal! 

I digress, Jen and Pete's' wedding kicked off 2015 for me. Two weeks into January and a time when the rest of the world was in a dirge of post Christmas detoxing, these guys went and got married. Good call. I reckon a good knees up in January is exactly what one needs in the depths of winter in fact just what the doctor ordered (sorry, I couldn't resist)!
They were both keen to add a splash of colour to the proceedings and like many of The White Horse Flower Company couples, they placed their trust entirely in me.
I especially enjoyed this wedding, not least because the bridesmaids bouquets almost stole my heart as much as Jens bridal bouquet. It may sound a little odd but I often experience a physical reaction to the flowers I work with, not the allergic sort but of an emotional kind. You know, like when you fall in love, except it happens quite a lot to me (not falling in love), but something similar when I know I've hit the jackpot on the colour and variety combination. Those bridesmaids bouquets were, by my own standards, quite something. Add in an epic purple bridal hand tie and I was totally ecstatic. I'd like to think it was a good omen for the rest of 2015 as I've had that feeling pretty much every time since - that's fifteen times so far and it's only May. 
This pretty wedding came and went and I'd not heard anything from these two busy newly weds since. It happens from time to time, I don't expect outpourings of gratitude from clients after every single event after all, they're just flowers and unlike Jen, I'm not saving lives but rather making the world look a little more pretty than it already does. Then, out of the blue, I open my in box and there are these beautiful photos accompanying a delightful thank you note. 
Chuffed beyond words here are the images Jen and Pete sent me. I'd like to think I'm getting quite good at this florist malarkey.

Thanks Jen and Pete, (or is it Ben)? X