That was the week that was.

The reality of being an event florist goes something like this.

The weekend before last, I bought one hundred and seventy peonies or "ponies" as we like to call them in our house. Eight days in advance in order to ensure their opening in time for my bank holiday weddings. Except only around fifty managed to open in time. Mother Nature can be a temperamental so and so. Question is, did I stay perfectly calm?

No. Not exactly, I will admit to there being a modicum of anxiety (not to mention fury, rage and an occasional expletive)!

With the heating switched on to sub tropical levels all week, I chased the sun around the house with vases of “ponies” in tow...

After an exhausting week of 'will they or wont they?' Did their not opening affect the overall outcome (ie. a beautiful wedding)? Answer: No, I'd go as far as saying the flowers were quite lovely!

Two beautiful weddings - with a mere sprinkling of "ponies!"

Caroline is the epitome of feminine loveliness. She booked TWHFCo. back in 2013 having been to several of my wreath workshops since then, we're virtually old friends. So you can imagine the pressure I put myself under when the "ponies" failed to open in time. Hers and Andrew's was a fairy tale wedding. I'd like to think I still delivered a vision of pure pink perfection - it certainly looked and smelt incredible. I wait with baited breath to see the official photos.

Jessica and Daniel's Sunday wedding was also a beautiful vision this time in pure white and ivory, and guess what? Peonies were to feature throughout... or not as was the reality. A stunning venue, a gorgeous church ceremony and some exquisite flowers to set the scene.

I did my absolute utmost to create two perfect floral visions. Being a florist is not always simple and straight forward as one might assume, you have to to make adjustments for the unpredicatability of Mother Nature, I pulled out all the stops to deliver two beautiful weddings and I suceeded. Two happy couples equates to one happy flower lady.

Bank Holiday done and dusted, it's now Tuesday and next weekend's wedding is firmly in my sight. I have more peonies opening in the studio - a different variety which are already opening beautifully I might add.

What of the other one hundred or so "ponies" I hear you ask? Well, if you’re a florist reading this and having a peony panic meltdown, fear not - I may be of service to you, they’re all opening perfectly and will be ripe for the upcoming weekend. As for my contract clients this week, you're in for a right royal treat! 


This was Carolines bouquet, I used ALL the open peonies for the most important and photographed florals.

I used huge headed Hanoi ranunculus in lieu of peonies alongside a miscellany of pale pink blooms such as lilies, sweet peas and roses. 

The ceremony room looked pretty awesome with lots and lots of petals. Peonies? Who needs them!


 Jessica and her sisters bouquets.Next weekend's peonies looking good and opening perfectly.

 This weeks contracts look something like this .. avec pesky peonies!