May. Done. (with bells and whistles)

I make no secret of the fact that I'm not one for coveting or garnering awards or accolades, I do not seek or aspire to winning them, in fact I don't think I have a competitive bone in my body. I am but a humble and happy florist, neither showy nor arrogant. 

For me it's the people I work with that repay the greatest rewards, knowing that I gave my very best is what keeps the creative fire burning inside. More recently I've found writing this blog another way to express my passion for flowers, it is both cathartic and I hope, offers others inspiration to follow their dreams. 

May is always a crazy month with the first flush of summer weddings alongside a plethora of seasonal flowers to indulge and swoon over. The following letters are affirmations of that passion that burns within; it is without exception always a privilege to be part of such auspicious occasions. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it isn’t rocket science call it fancy 'floral design' if you will, but to me it's just flower arranging pure and simple and it's a life I absolutely love. 

I think the following letters back up the aforementioned sentiments. I'll take these words in lieu of an award any day. My thanks to Caroline Anderson and Saranna Rawlings my co-florists who have worked alongside me this month to make ten couples' floral dreams come true.  

Photo credit for the beautiful flower crowned Vikki is by Benjamin Stuart Photography. The others are merely snap shots I've taken along the way. I hope to share some more professional images on the blog anon. 

"I'm no flower expert, but I do now know my peonies from my vuvuzelas, and I also know that you are an artist, a genius and an absolute star. What you did for our wedding was breath taking, and you made my wife (!) so happy. Everyone was blown away by the colours, the volume and the variety of flowers. Your attention to detail with the 'little things' like the twine on my buttonhole was massively appreciated too. A thousand thanks xxx"


"I think I've said it all but just had to drop you a note to say wow, wow, wow and thank you, thank you, thank you. Your beautiful flowers and the dressed tables just looked incredible and really made everything beyond perfect. I am such a happy and lucky girl. Thank you so very much. You are incredibly talented and it has been such a pleasure 'working' with you over the past months... I am going on too long - quite simply I don't know how you do it, but you do it so very well." 

"Looking back, I suppose it was inevitable that the flowers would be a focal point of our wedding. My dad has worked as a gardener for the last 20 years and always loved the English country garden style, packed full of colour and texture with just enough coordination. Geoff's mum is a keen gardener too, also having undertaken the RHS exams. It didn't really become clear to me just how important the flowers would be until Geoff and I chose to get married in the gardens of Rookwood House. As the wedding plans developed, the theme to our wedding ended up as more than a colour theme, it became floral, so I suppose there ended up being a lot riding on your work! I knew as soon as I found your website I wanted you to be our florist and this was re-confirmed when I met you. From your friendly informal approach, welcoming us into your home and then the flowers! WOW! When we had finally finished admiring your beautiful work and sharing ideas I knew that it didn't matter what you created, whatever style, shape, textures and flowers used, it would all be beautiful. 

My bouquet and my bridesmaid's bouquet were better than I could ever have imagined. It was like you had seen a vision of our wedding, knew exactly what was required and then doubled it! From the summer sweet peas to the wildness of the bluebells, it was perfect. And then the flower crowns. There are no words to describe these beauties of style!! Needless to say, they received many compliments! 

We had so many comments on the beauty of the flowers from the table flowers and ceremony flowers and the English country garden style was captured perfectly throughout. I cannot thank you enough for your creations - they added so much to our wedding....  You are incredibly talented..."