June. Done.

July already, where is this year going? Someone slow it down please! 

I am posting the briefest of blogs today as is always the case; I'm chasing my tail with a mountain of admin. It seems such a shame to be inside when it is 30 degrees outdoors, but there it is. I have quotes, flower lists, invoices and emails to reply to. Many of which are an over whelming number of enquiries for 2016 - all good but I am running out of hours in the day to see everyone.

It is a rare treat in high summer but I've no wedding this weekend although an early call next week with a wedding on Tuesday followed by three gorgeous events the following weekend. Then it's weddings all the way until I take a week off in August - to paint my new kitchen! It's being fitted as I type and I am beyond ecstatic although I will not miss the displacement of the hub of my home, the dust and general lack of surface on which to prepare, never mind where to actually cook! The work room is currently the only place one can wash up!

June has always been a favourite month in my year, the garden seems to go into over drive becoming a glorious scented haven for birds. It seems everything is in its' first flush and arrives with such vigour, flowering so profusely. The first flush of roses have all but finished but the honeysuckle is still abundant. Then there is the jasmine.. Oh my! The jasmine - the flowers, the scent! For me it adds an exotic romance to my garden in summer. 

I leave you with a montage of June, the brides (there were seven) and their weddings like all those before were such fun to work on. I also include an ox eye daisy to remind me of the delightful wild flower walk, at Sheepdrove farm, Lambourn.