Joe and Georgina's South African safari inspired florals

The thing about being a wedding florist is that whilst you're in the thick of it, you can't always see the wood for the trees; add to this I am my biggest critic - anxious that my clients will like my interpretation of their floral vision. It's only when you see the wedding photos weeks or even months later that one can see what everyone else saw on the day. 

This was exactly the scenario with Georgina and Joe. Theirs was a South African inspired wedding with a relaxed informality and a touch of African safari added in for good measure - a throw back to the days when Georgina was living with her family in South Africa.

They emailed me some photos and as Joe says he'd loves showing off their wedding, here they are! Such a fun, quirky and individual look but thats exactly the point, I try to reflect the uniqueness of a couple through their flowers.