2016: Here we go...

Since the last blog post there has been the small matter of a Christmas and New Year interlude. Twenty sixteen arrived and before I had a chance to stop, reflect and dash off a blog post, I see February is already waiting in the wings. Don’t you just hate that?

Two weddings into 2016 and one more this weekend before January is out, as I sit here in my office I note the work diary is almost full for the year ahead and that 2017 is now being referred to quite often in  numerous enquiries. How did that happen I wonder?

There is so much to look forward to though, my fifteenth as a wedding florist; I must say I do feel I am beginning to get into my stride!

It is clear I am sure, to all who know me that I love what I do and that those years afford me both depth and breadth of experience as an event florist. Indeed it is a comforting feeling knowing you can turn your hand to virtually any style with confidence. Wedding floral design is constantly evolving and reinventing itself - much like fashion in general. With classic styles returning for a second or even third outing, I can see lots of things I've created previously come back on trend but with a new or quirky twist. There is never a dull moment to rest on your laurels’ if you are prepared to swim with the current into new waters, and I am.  

This year I will be contributing to a brand new collaborative interiors site which will be linked to a You Tube Channel. The site is dedicated to stylish family living and I am going to be writing a monthly feature for it on all subjects green and floral for the home - be it plants, bulbs or a bit of flower arranging in a vase. This is both a refreshing change of direction (all be it a small walk on part) but mostly refreshing and exciting to be coming at flowers from a different angle. It is important to strike out in different directions every so often and see where these things take you. More details to follow on this site.

Below are a few images taken from this year and a few corkers from last. I've a couple of big topics I want to explore this year on the blog so watch this space, but more urgently I continue slowly but surely to compile the galleries for my new website. If a job's worth doing, do it well but these things rather frusratingly take time. Alas when you are a solo event florist, time is something one could always do with more of!

Here's to a refreshing and invigorating new year for all of us.    

Photo Credits go to some great people: Guy Collier, Neale James, Benjamin Stuart and Mia Photography all super lovely and incredibly talented wedding photographers who I will have the pleasure of working with again this year.         

 The first three below were taken by yours truly! I've enrolled on an on-line photography course to see if I might brush up my photography skills for my social media posts!