Mad March

March 2016. What can I say? It was a corker; last year I had just one wedding, this year there were eight. The thing about being a self-employed event florist is that you can never predict the spread of work.

They say "Make hay whilst the sun shines" and so that's exactly what I did.

Eight beauties - one I've already blogged, the others I'm posting a liberal amount of flower porn here for you to feast your eyes upon.

It has to be said whilst I typically work alone, when there are five weddings inside a week, I engage a team of trusted florists who smooth out this hiatus of work.

I cannot tell a lie it was seriously hard graft - the planning as much as the actual arranging, setting out and clearing. Sincere thanks go to the team: Saranna (my serious jocking fleuriste), Nicki who amongst other things helped with the not inconsiderable task of unpacking and conditioning 1,250 tulips one day; and last but by no means least Victoria, twenty five years a florist, whom I knew when I first met her that she would be the consummate professional and good fun in equal measure, she did not disappoint. Thank you ladies.

So here's a little bit of what March looked like through the lens of my camera, a bit fuzzy in places I admit, so let's hope I get to see and indeed share some of the professional photos anon.

All in all, not too shabby a show even if I do say so myself!