Spring 2016 an Overview

I hadn’t expected to feel I'd done a years’ worth of wedding flowers by the time I arrived at May, but it's been a super busy spring with twenty or so weddings already flowered up and a whole lot of pretty besides.

April was a beauty, full to brimming with gorgeousness, May is heading the same way, it's farewell to the daffodils, blue bells, muscari and snowdrops for another year and hello to the plum, cherry and apple blossom, dancing girls aquilegia, dicentra alba and rubra ( bleeding hearts to you and me) and a warm welcome the peony season for those of us who buy further afield than this green and pleasant land. 

Frankly it's scandalous at how ridiculously pretty peonies really are so many of my brides are clamouring for them in their wedding bouquets. Coral Charm and Coral Sunset remain my firm favourites as they fade from deep coral pinks to palest parchment inside a week; a beautiful sight I never tire of watching unfold, that said the pure white, pink and blush varieties are classic staples for any bridal ensemble.

I'm currently channeling a rich seam of gorgeous tulips grown just five miles down the road from my workshop. Jill at Little Park Flowers contacted me last year asking if I would be interested in buying her blooms and I jumped at the opportunity. They have been stupendously popular, I'm incorporating them into many of my bouquets and arrangements as well as selling them in hand tied gift bouquets too. Bulb-on for a longer vase life, the bulb also makes a nice feature inside a clear vase big hitting blousy numbers to captivate the look of an arrangement, they surpass any requirement for a rose or other focal flower alongside them. Can you tell I am a fan? 

The weddings flowers have not disappointed either; the flowers have been plentiful and as ever varied. With Pinterest the go-to place for inspiration, U.S influences continue to dominate trends for big, blousy over the arm bouquets currently rocking the wedding blogs and every photo shoot I see. Although I've said it before, I'll say it again, one size does not fit all and my brides are an eclectic mix of ladies who want to be just a little bit extraordinary and not look like they've stepped straight off a merry-go-round of every wedding magazine across the land. So my flowers continue to reflect individuality. I am still colouring just outside the lines with some of my designs and being a bit unruly for some but for others, I'm very much colouring within the lines with more restrained hand tied bouquets and as is the house rule here at TWHFCo. textures and scent remaining the key ingredients in everything I make. 

I'm not sure if I will have time to blog again before I take an extended break in July. I've a couple of significant birthdays to mark this year with my boys coming of age - the youngest eighteen the eldest twenty one this summer; both are joining us for a family holiday but this year they will be travelling home alone whilst my husband and I carry on "a deux" for another week or so. Let's hope the house is still in one piece when we return! So Enjoy the summer, it is wet and grey as I type this, I'd hoped to have put away the woolly jumpers until autumn, I assume the sun will reappear before my first pedicure fades..oh well, we shall just have to wait and see. L x