May. Done.

Bank Holiday Monday. I am under the auspices of being in the office ordering next weekend's flowers. I made the rooky mistake of peeking into my inbox when I saw a drop box file from a photographer I bumped into at a church the other week whilst working; so polite was he and particularly generous about my flowers, I knew this man had a good eye when he said he'd been side-tracked by the aforementioned flowers in church and had spent far longer than normal photographing them. 

I must say his photos are really rather good. Actually they're very good. Natural, clean, not overly edited and beautifully real. They show my flowers off really well.

My next weddings will be in June which incidentally, is the day after next. I have just realised they will be my thirtieth and thirty first weddings of the year - seven more  before I take my leave for the best part of July.

Im going back to my flower order... Meantime, feast your eyes on these.

Stephanie and Ed's big day (two weeks ago) they demonstrate perfectly how one should never underestimate the beauty of simple styling. 

Guy Hearn, thank you sir.