Over and Out

There have been thirty six weddings so far this year, all lovingly curated, beautifully arranged and seamlessly delivered; half way through the year and here we are in July and it's time to take a well earned break. 

Far away from the workshop. No phone, no email, no snips. Just me, a pool, a yoga mat, a few good books and some sunshine. 

So whilst I'm away, why not scroll through the blog, have a nosey through The White Horse Flower Instagram, Pinterest and Face Book feeds and see what we've been doing all these months, all those weekends, all those the days. Hours upon hours of consultations and preparation. So much attention to detail takes effort, thought and consideration so it's time to replenish the soul and recharge the batteries. There is more to life than flowers - I'm in need of reminding myself of this detail. 

See you all at the end of July and FYI, the second half will be equally amazing  just you wait and see.

Over and out.

L x