And so it begins.

January can have so many connotations of misery. Resolutions of weight loss of renewed fitness to cast off the excess and under-activity of December.

Pay day seems interminable as we eek out what little money there is left after the credit card and invoices are settled.  All of this adding to the gloomy mist that descends; a grey, cold and damp mist. In spite of the longest day having been and gone, the daylight hours remain relatively fleeting as we look longingly towards the light, craving more warmth, more colour in our world with the hope of the good times ahead.

For me, I spend much of January looking forward whilst at the same time looking back.

I look forward to meeting all my new clients – the couples planning their weddings in the year (or two) ahead.

I look back to the work I have produced over the previous years for inspiration. The myriad of possibilities; the vibrant colour of spring greens, the daffodil, buttercup and sunflower yellows, the pastel pinks, lilacs and lavenders as well as the whiter shades of pale white, cream, nudes and muted wispy grey.Then there's the hot vivid pinks, oranges and purples that shout from my portfolio

I don’t diet in January nor do I deny myself the simple pleasures of a welcome glass of wine with my healthy home cooked January suppers.  Why deny simple pleasures during the longest, coldest, bleakest of months? Surely it is much more bearable to withhold a little during March or April? When there is less of a bite in the air, more colours and more of a sense of joy in our surroundings to make a bit of restraint more bearable?

This month I have been busy.

Busy taking time to look after myself with a minor operation all carefully planned and booked in to coincide with anotherwise quiet month. I am already back to full strength and back on the yoga mat with a headstand this morning (and no wall behind me to hold me up either)!

To open the batting for 2017 I have my first wedding this coming weekend - it's full to bursting with colour, spring will arrive early at my studio, I’ll have tulips in all sorts of colours and shapes and I am positively itching to get going.

I had such a great 2016, super busy but I had to let some things slip in order to keep pace with the sheer demand and workload of my wedding diary. The blog fell first in July. I’ve missed writing it so much.

This year I am resolved to keep all plates spinning in all aspects of what I do and love the most, there will be more “sharing of the floral love” by that I mean more teaching of workshops. This year I’m planning to teach both florists as well as non-florist flower enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to running several workshops at Little Park House, home to Little Park Flowers and owned by the lovely Jill Houston, now embarking on her second year of being a flower farmer. I am enjoying watching her journey unfold as much as enjoying the flowers she grows; so grateful our paths crossed last year, I think we have a lot to offer collectively with the workshops at her beautiful home using her beautiful flowers.

So here’s a few images from 2016. Most are my own pictures taken as I work but there are one or two (you will be able to tell) that are by the professionals namely Guy Collier and Mia Photography.

I will share more pictures as I meander through the year ahead, dipping into 2016 and enhancing my musings with those from 2017, punctuating the months with my thoughts on this and that by way of my blog.

It’s good to be back in the driving seat and behind the wheel - I'm ready to go. 

 Shall we begin? Linz x