Going Green.

When Pantone Colour of the year 2017 announced green as its' Zeitgeist, I wondered how many couples would embrace it. I am familiar with couples taking colour inspiration from these trends and as a florist, was intrigued to see where this might lead me creatively, particularly as someone who works predominately with flowers and foliage as merely the back drop. Fortunately foliage is a key part of my design process at TWHFCo. I was taught to use greenery as an integral part of any arrangement, so much so that one often feels a design could be a stand alone piece without the addition of a single bloom. 

The trend for large impact floral designs - arches, hanging and suspended installations goes from strength to strength and because of this I think the green trend may well continue for some time as it lends itself so well to these structures. It works as well in the winter as it does in summer with lush green branches fading into autumnal hues, twigs all the way through to naked contorted branches. Here's one such example myself and my hugely talented team created just two weeks ago.

November 11th. Lauren and Edward's fabulous wedding at Tithe Barn in Ditcham, West Sussex. They wanted green and wild with lots of candle light along trestle tables. I took into consideration the food and conversation aspect of a wedding breakfast, something I feel crucial when arranging flowers. The harmony between what I do to create the atmosphere alongside other key aspects such as communication and the enjoyment of a delicious feast is paramount. It is something I feel is often overlooked in so called "styled shoots" when the image and the floral design concept is king to the exclusion of practicality. I hear so often from clients how they've attended events and they have had to move flowers off the table in order to talk or worse still, they could not move them at all and therefore could not even see the let alone talk to guests on the other side of a table; that there were no room for glasses, bottles or that everything is crammed in on the table. 

So with all this in mind I packed up my van and set off to Sussex, when we arrived we made a point of chatting to the caterer. We had packed several options of candles for him to consider alongside his platters of food and the other details.

So this is what we created, huge thanks to Guy Collier, friend and very fine photographer for capturing the tables as well as the ambience of Tithe Barn that day. I'd like to think we did exactly what we set out to achieve and then some. 

I'm posting these images mainly because I have several couples marrying in 2018 who are eager to consider and visualise the possibilities of having just greenery on their tables, I hope this sets the scene and inspires them.

Lastly and by no means least, my Thanks to Saranna Rawlings and Megan Ward my co -florists who with my vision and recipe, made this beautiful reception room come to life.